What is Motor Insurance?

as of 2020, the number of car owners in our country exceeds 23 million. Automobile insurance, which is the most preferred insurance product of vehicle owners, is an insurance product that covers your vehicle against accidents and damages during driving and driving. The insured person is provided with paying compensation in case of burning, accident and damage over the limit determined in accordance with the policy guarantees.

What are the Car Insurance Coverages?

Insurance guarantees cover situations such as hitting the vehicle and crashing the vehicle, theft or attempted, fire. Additional collateral options may differ depending on the companies. October. Guarantees for floods and floods, earthquakes, terrorism, personal accidents can be included in the guarantees.

Why Should Automobile Insurance be Taken Out?

Automobile insurance offers coverage for material damages that may happen to your vehicle in traffic or while stopped. On the contrary, traffic insurance covers the material damages that may occur in the insured's vehicle as a result of traffic accidents that occur in the policy. In addition, with automobile insurance, you can insure your vehicle against the risks that may occur as a result of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, landslides. With these advantages, you can get your motor insurance insurance from Regular Insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Someone hit my car parked in front of my house and ran away, what should I do?

You need to apply to the nearest police or gendarmerie station and attach a police report. You can take advantage of the 7/24 hour assistance service offered by our insurance companies for you, you can tow your car to the nearest service with a tow truck.

I have sold my vehicle, can my traffic insurance policy be transferred to the new buyer?

When there is a vehicle sale in traffic policies, the policy does not pass to the new buyer. The car owner cancels the existing policy and receives the premium refund until the remaining day. The new buyer issues a new policy on his own behalf according to the date of registration of the vehicle.

It has been 15 days since the registration date of my vehicle. Am I going to pay a raised premium because the day has passed?

No incremental premium will be charged for up to 30 days from the date of registration. A premium with a 5% increase is applied for every 30 days that pass. The delay hike is limited to 50%.

Are traffic insurance premiums the same in all companies?

Premiums in traffic insurance are freely determined by each insurance company.

In case of filing a lawsuit to the insured, are these expenses covered by traffic insurance?

Yes Litigation expenses and attorney's fees are covered by the traffic policy, provided that they are limited by the policy limits. If there is no fault of the insured in the damage caused and there is still a lawsuit filed, traffic insurance also covers these costs.

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