NN Hayat ve Emeklilik, bireysel emeklilik sözleşmesi ya da İyi Yaşa Hayat Sigortası’na sahip müşterilerine “Önce Sen” Dünyası’nda EvdekiBakıcım şirketi aracılığıyla bakıcı hizmeti sunuyor. Müşteriler, ihtiyaçları ve istekleri doğrultusunda en ideal uzman bakıcı ile buluşturularak çocuklarının gelişimi evde profesyoneller tarafından destekleniyor.
2023-01-21 21:00:00Z
My Caregiver at Home Project from NN Life and Retirement

NN Hayat & Emeklilik offers caregiver services to its customers who have a private pension agreement or Live Well Life Insurance through the caretaker company at home in the “You First” World. Clients are brought together with the most ideal specialist caregiver in accordance with their needs and wishes, and the development of their children is supported by professionals at home. In this way, customers living in Istanbul who are looking for a residential caregiver, a babysitter, a private tutoring and a play sister have the opportunity to find the most suitable caregiver for them. Families who want to get a play sister service can choose from caregivers who specialize in language, art and sports issues of the play sister to whom they will leave their child Decently. In this way, children also have the opportunity to do educational activities while playing. The play sisters, who study in the child development department within the home of Bakıcım, enable the children to use their free time efficiently and help them with their homework by making after-school pickups. At the same time, they implement a program consisting of sports, language or artistic activities. Caregivers specializing in childcare for working parents provide support on an hourly or daily basis.

Evdekibakici, child care for the elderly who need special care as well as when one is exhausted family members in the family, the old with the support of the professional caregiver, while providing support for family members who need help with personal care at older ages.

NN Hayat ve Emeklilik Marketing Assistant General Manager Beste Yıldız stated the following about the ”First You“ World ”Home Caregiver“ service: "As NN Hayat ve Emeklilik, we support them to find an expert caregiver to whom they will entrust their loved ones with the service we offer to our customers through Evdekibakım in the "First You" World. We offer them the opportunity to support the development of their children, who are their most valued assets in life, with professional caregivers. Because for us, our customers and their families are always the priority. We see ’You First' not only as an advertising discourse, but also as a brand approach that guides us on what needs to be done to protect our most valuable assets.”