IZMIR Chamber of Commerce (ITO) Chairman of the Board Ekrem Demirtaş stated that they drew a road map for the sector with the 'Insurance Sector is Looking for Its Future' search conference they organized and said,
2023-01-21 21:00:00Z
Roadmap For the Insurance Sector from ITO

IZMIR Chamber of Commerce (ITO) Chairman of the Board Ekrem Demirtaş stated that they drew a road map for the sector with the 'Insurance Sector is Looking for Its Future' search conference they organized and said, "The insurance sector should take more share from the economy, arrangements should be made for this Dec.


Ekrem Demirtaş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ITO, said that the search conference titled 'The Insurance Sector is Looking for Its Future' was held at Izmir University of Economics Dec. Prof. Dr. He said that it was held under the moderation of Coşkun Küçüközmen. In addition to the members of the conference room search for insurance agents, insurance adjusters, insurance companies, managers, experts, bank managers, lawyers, academics and students of 52 people attended industry expert said.


Demirtaş stated that it was pointed out that the insurance sector has taken a significant share of the national economy in developed countries such as the USA, England and Switzerland at the Search Conference and expressed that there is a potential for the sector to increase Decisively to its current size in Turkey. "Although the sector has a premium production of about 1.5 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), it guarantees about 45 times the risk of GDP," Demirtaş said. The sector of short-term, as it continues its activities through everyday problems and their solution, also indicating the sector to see to inhibit said, "This is the sector with the participation and agreement of all stakeholders who have a long-term agreement on the creation of the roadmap. Very important suggestions came out. Most of them from the beginning in order to receive a greater share of the insurance sector in the Turkish economy, the most advanced countries in the insurance industry, a sample of applications and technologies should be taken in the insurance sector should demand that foreign firms share more of their experience with the Turkish market," he said.


Demirtaş listed the other suggestions with the titles as follows:


- The insurance sector should adapt to digital transformation and use technology more effectively.


- Mobile applications should be developed and thus alternative and new sales-marketing / distribution channels should be created.


- There should be new tools to increase commissions and income related to the professionalization of agents against future threats.


- Instead of a single Banking and Insurance Department in universities, Banking and Insurance Departments should be established separately.


- In order for the insurance sector to be preferred as a profession by young people who will just start their business life, promotional films should be shot, more space should be given to the insurance sector in serials and commercials.


- Obstacles to the insurance of public buildings, vehicles and areas should be removed.


– The image of the insurance sector should be improved, consumers should be made aware of insurance.


- SDDK (Insurance Regulation and Supervision Agency) of an autonomous and independent structure similar to BRSA should be established for the supervision of the insurance sector and every company engaged in insurance activities should be effectively audited.


– Those who carry out unfair competition in the sector should be prevented.


- Sanctions should be increased on the sale of defective, incomplete and defective goods in order to protect the reputation of the insurance sector and increase its trust.


- The legislator should take the opinions of all parties when preparing regulations related to the sector.


- Persons who do not have the authority should be prevented from carrying out insurance activities with the title of consultant and agents who are not registered on the license plate should be prevented from making sales.


- Insurance specialized courts should be established in which judges and prosecutors with insurance knowledge serve.