TSEV’in sektöre her ay düzenli olarak sunduğu Kısa Süreli Eğitim Programları haziran ayında da yenilenen içerikleriyle sektör ve ilgililere sunuluyor.

Yangın, Nakliyat, Havacılık sigortaları ve Reasürans gibi ana branşların yanında sigorta hukuku, dijital sigortacılık ve operasyonel planlama gibi farklı alt dallarda eğitimlerin bulunduğu haziran ayı programında Hazine Müsteşarlığı’ndan uzmanların vereceği iki yeni eğitim de yer alıyor. 1 ila 3 gün arasında planlanan kısa süreli eğitim programlarına katılanlara katılım sertifikası veriliyor.
2023-01-21 21:00:00Z
Short-Term Educational Programs from TSEV

The Short-Term Training Programs that the CEV regularly offers to the sector every month are presented to the sector and related people with their renewed content in June.

In addition to the main branches such as Fire, Transportation, Aviation insurance and Reinsurance, there are trainings in different sub-branches such as insurance law, digital insurance and operational planning in the June program, there are two new trainings to be given by experts from the Undersecretariat of Treasury. a certificate of participation is given to those who participate in short-term training programs planned from 1 to 3 days. Dec.

Introduction to Insurance Program For Beginners

July June and July, the “Introduction to Insurance for Beginners Program”, which is organized regularly every month by the CEV, is planned as two separate programs for non-life and life insurances. The application deadline for the program, which is planned as 4 days in ‘non-life’ insurance; 3 days in ‘Life’ insurance, is June 2 for the program that will start on June 6; July 5 for the program that will start on July 10.

Accident and Liability Branch Training

The advanced training program prepared by the CEV for employees working in accident and liability insurances will start in August.

The Certificate Will Be Issued

Within the scope of the program, the main topics of “Auto Accident and Compulsory Auto Accident Insurances”, “Liability Insurances”, “Personal Accident Insurances” will be discussed with expert instructors. After the project – presentation work to be done at the end of the program, the participants will be given a certificate of achievement by the CEV.

Graduates of the Basic Insurance Training Program or employees who have at least 3 years of experience in the relevant branch and are involved in decision-making processes will be able to participate in the advanced training program that will start in August.

Field studies were carried out in branch trainings.

Field studies were also carried out this year in the Branch Trainings of the Basic Insurance Education Program organized by the CEV since 1973 and known as the most prestigious program of the insurance sector.

Depending on the ‘Damage Applications and Appraisal Process in Transportation Insurance’ course in the Transportation Insurance Branch, Yilport Port was visited on May 4th accompanied by instructor Fikret Gülbahar. After the introduction made by the port officials, the participants were informed about the loading and unloading of the ship by watching. In the field study, where the surveillance center room was also visited, emphasis was also placed on the human value within the port.

Depending on the ‘Damage Applications and Appraisal Process in Accident Insurance’ course on May 11 at Accident Insurance Branch, a study was carried out by going to Borusan Oto in Istinye on May 10 accompanied by instructor Ahmet Erdem. While the functioning of the process on auto damage was explained to the participants practically by Borusan employees, an expert study was also carried out live. While the questions of the participants were answered in detail by the Borusan officials, the field work ended with lunch.

As for the Fire & Engineering Insurances Branch, TÜPRAŞ Izmit Refinery was visited on May 11 with the accompaniment of our instructors Süheyl Becan and Ali Bör as part of the ‘Risk Management in Engineering Insurances’ course. During the visit, which started with lunch, the presentations made by TÜPRAŞ officials focused on the RUP Project and the security measures at the enterprise. After the question-answer section, where the questions of the participants were answered in detail, a field tour was conducted by car in TÜPRAŞ.

34, which began last October. January February The first semester of the Basic Insurance Training Program ended; the second semester started in February in 6 different branches, Fire & Engineering Insurance, Accident Insurance, Transportation Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Accounting. The 35th of the program, which will end in May. the period announcements and registration process will start in July.