Bireysel emeklilik ve hayat sigortası şirketi AvivaSA, gençlerin bireysel emeklilik sistemine yaklaşımını ve tasarruf alışkanlıklarını öğrenmek amacıyla, Yöntem Araştırma Danışmanlık işbirliği ile “Gençlerin Emeklilik ve BES Algısı” araştırmasını gerçekleştirdi. Türkiye’nin 15-35 yaş arası kentsel nüfusunu temsil eden grup üzerinde yapılan araştırmada, kadınlar ve erkekler arasındaki en önemli farkın, Bireysel Emeklilik Sistemi (BES) algısında olduğu dikkat çekti. Kadınlar BES’i, “iyi maaş almak” olarak algılarken; erkeklerin algısında ise, “geleceklerini garanti altına” almak çok daha önemli…
2023-01-21 21:00:00Z
Women Are Looking for a Good Salary in Retirement, Men Are Looking for Security

AvivaSA, a private pension and life insurance company, conducted the “Youth's Perception of Retirement and Nutrition” research in cooperation with Method Research Consulting in order to learn the approach of young people to the private pension system and their savings habits. In the research conducted on the group representing the urban population of Turkey aged 15-35, it was pointed out that the most important difference between men and women is in the perception of the Individual Pension System (PES). Dec.Dec. While women perceive BES as “getting a good salary”; in the perception of men, on the other hand, it is much more important to “guarantee their future…

AvivaSA CEO Fırat Kuruca, who made a statement on the subject, said: “The findings on gender and age gaps in our research are important. In addition to the more concrete, factual perception of our young women, such as “good salary”; the perception of our young men, which can be considered more abstract, such as “future guarantee”, is remarkable. Moreover, the fact that this age December sees BES as the most suitable form of accumulation for saving is promising for the future of our sector." said.

What If there had been No BES?

While both women (58.4 percent) and men (52.9 percent) consider BES as a form of accumulation suitable for saving; “If there were no BES, which savings vehicles would you choose?" to the question, they mainly answer the term account (women 46.6 percent, men 48.9 percent). The answers that follow the term account are real estate (31.6 percent for women, 32.6 percent for men) and pillow (21.7 percent for women, 18.6 percent for men)

Both women and men want more government contributions.

The research “Young People's Perception of Retirement and Nutrition” reveals that 25.4 percent of women and 29.2 percent of men plan to have NUTRITION in the next 5 years. The research results also show that both women (31.7 percent) and men (38.8 percent) would prefer BES if the state contribution was higher. According to the research results, women receive information about insurance primarily from the websites of institutions (40.6 percent), while men attach importance to the advice of their spouses and friends (38.5 percent).

Men Are More Prone to Saving

According to the research, which also examined the saving situations of young people, 66.6 percent of men stated that they were saving, while this rate drops to 53.7 percent of women.