What is Complementary Health Insurance?

The health service offered by SSI may not be able to cover the cost of every private hospital. By having complementary health insurance, it prevents you from paying huge fees to benefit from a qualified SGK contracted private hospital in more serious health situations. In short, Complementary health insurance is a policy that supplements the amount covered by the Social Security Institution for both outpatient and inpatient treatment services. In this way, you can prepare yourself and your loved ones for a safer future and find solutions to possible health problems.

What Does Complementary Health Insurance Cover?

Another issue that is very important for people who decide to take out complementary health insurance is the coverage included in the policy. Insurance policy coverages determine the issues on which you can get services in hospitals. In addition to the main guarantees offered by insurance companies for the policy, there are additional groups of guarantees that you can choose for the health insurance policy October.

Where to Get Complementary Health Insurance?

There is no need to waste a long time to take advantage of the many advantages provided by complementary health insurance! With the complementary health insurance you will get from Regular Insurance, all of your hospital expenses are covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Someone hit my car parked in front of my house and ran away, what should I do?

You need to apply to the nearest police or gendarmerie station and attach a police report. You can take advantage of the 7/24 hour assistance service offered by our insurance companies for you, you can tow your car to the nearest service with a tow truck.

I have sold my vehicle, can my traffic insurance policy be transferred to the new buyer?

When there is a vehicle sale in traffic policies, the policy does not pass to the new buyer. The car owner cancels the existing policy and receives the premium refund until the remaining day. The new buyer issues a new policy on his own behalf according to the date of registration of the vehicle.

It has been 15 days since the registration date of my vehicle. Am I going to pay a raised premium because the day has passed?

No incremental premium will be charged for up to 30 days from the date of registration. A premium with a 5% increase is applied for every 30 days that pass. The delay hike is limited to 50%.

Are traffic insurance premiums the same in all companies?

Premiums in traffic insurance are freely determined by each insurance company.

In case of filing a lawsuit to the insured, are these expenses covered by traffic insurance?

Yes Litigation expenses and attorney's fees are covered by the traffic policy, provided that they are limited by the policy limits. If there is no fault of the insured in the damage caused and there is still a lawsuit filed, traffic insurance also covers these costs.

Does the involvement of a motor vehicle in an accident or not affect the premium of traffic insurance?

Yes, it affects. Insurance companies (link) apply a no-damage discount or premium increase according to the steps and rates specified in the Traffic Insurance Tariff and Instructions. A premium is applied from the fourth digit for those who will enter traffic for the first time as an operator.

Does Traffic Insurance cover moral compensation claims?

Trafik Sigortası manevi tazminat taleplerini karşılamaz.

Why can the traffic insurance premium of commercial taxis be higher than the premium set for cars?

Premiums are determined separately according to the damage and premium totals of each vehicle type, and the premium of each company may be different. For this reason, it is not correct to make a generalization in the form that the premium of commercial taxis is higher than a car.

Financial Expenses Per Vehicle and Accident, Medical Expenses Per Person and Accident, Injury and Death Per Person and Accident

Traffic Insurance covers the physical and material damages you give to the other party.

What are the guarantees of compulsory traffic insurance?

Financial Expenses Per Vehicle and Accident, Medical Expenses Per Person and Accident, Injury and Death Per Person and Accident

Can I cover the damages on my car from my traffic policy?

The traffic policy covers only the physical and material damages we cause to other vehicles and persons involved in an accident due to an accident. The insurance that covers the damages in our vehicle is Kasko.

When should Travel Health Insurance be made?

Travel health insurance must be made before the start of the trip. The policy cannot be issued after the start of the trip, the plan change cannot be made in the arranged policy or the extension of the period cannot be requested. All procedures related to the insurance policy must be completed before the start of the trip

Why should I take out travel health insurance?

Travel insurance, the insured person during the trip overseas any accident, injury, health problems, which limits the scope designated within the time frame selected risks, such as insurance.

What are the insurance products and guarantees included in the new application?

The guarantees included in the automobile insurance are as follows;


Collision of the vehicle with motorized, non-motorized vehicles that can be used on the highway or railway,

Accidents such as a stationary or moving object hitting the vehicle outside the will of the insured or the driver of the vehicle as a result of sudden and external influences, or the vehicle hitting such an object, overturning, falling, rolling, while both moving and at a standstill,

Damages caused by the actions of third parties with bad intentions or pranks and by people who do not have a license to act,

Burning of the vehicle,

Theft or attempted theft of the vehicle or vehicle parts.

With the new application, insurance companies will issue 4 different policies under the name of "narrow casco, casco, extended casco, full casco" starting from April 1, 2013.

Dar Kasko: It is the product for which the guarantee is given for some of the above guarantee groups.

Casco: It is the product for which the guarantee is given for all of the above guarantee groups

Extended Insurance: It is the product for which the guarantee is given for all of the above collateral groups and some of the risks that can be included in the coverage of the guarantee with October contract in these general terms.

Full Insurance: It is the product where the guarantee is given for all of the above collateral groups and all risks that can be included in the scope of the guarantee with an October contract under these general conditions.

How will the fair prices of the vehicles be determined?

While some of the insurance companies are based on the insurance value list published by the Insurance Association of Turkey, some of them will determine the average prices they will receive from Internet sites, galleries and auto agencies where purchases and sales are made as fair value.

Is the insurance value not included in the policy? How will the damage payments be paid?

The market fair value of the vehicle will be based on determining the premium and paying the damage. For this reason, insurance companies should definitely indicate on the policy where they determine the market fair prices and what they are referring to.

When did the changes made by the Undersecretariat of Treasury in automobile insurance come into force? Which policies will the changes cover?

It entered into force on April 1, 2013. The changes will cover policies that will be made after April 1, 2013. On the other hand, the renewals of the policies in force will be arranged to cover these changes when their term expires.

What does personal accident insurance cover?

Accidental death benefit, accidental disability coverage, coverage of medical expenses (Additional coverage) The Daily indemnity guarantee (additional coverage)

Is there an age limit on personal accident insurances?

Yes, there is an age limit. people over the age of 18 and under the age of 65 can take out Personal Accident insurance.

What are the discount rates for non-damage in traffic insurance?

The rates of non-damage and surprise are as follows:


At what level are the policies of the vehicles entering the traffic for the first time issued?

Vehicles entering the traffic for the first time (0 km. or new registration) The policy is issued from the step where the premium increase or discount is not applied.

Which institutions can be referenced in determining fair prices?

Insurance Association of Turkey, websites where auto purchases and sales are made, auto Sundays, auto galleries, dealers or related organizations can be referenced.

If the institution to be referenced / received for the fair price is not written in the policy, how will the damage payment be paid?

If the institution referenced for the fair price is not specified for any reason, the damage will be paid according to the fair price list published by the Insurance Union of Turkey.

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